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Song lists

No matter what the event is, a common request is "do you have a song list" that we can choose what is performed during our special event. The answer is: yes and no. 

Based on my experience, the most successful event is when the band is dynamic, engaging, and playing off of the crowd. No one has a magic wand as to what may work, what people might dance to, until you meet the guests, try a few different genres, and respond to the crowd in real time. Whenever you have a pre-set order of songs, you can be doomed for failure if your set in your ways.

Our band learns new material each and every week. If we were to publish a list of thousands of songs, it would be out of date right away. But more importantly, it is almost impossible to be looking at 25 or 30 pages of lists of songs during a live performance. Plus you are hiring our expertise at getting people up and partying. If you need to tell us what to play the entire night, then we have no right being there exercising our talents.

As you get close to your affair date, the "detail sheets' you fill out on our "your details" page highlights a top ten list of do's and don'ts. These can be a few specific songs or genres which we use to gather your tastes and preferences, in order to make sure we incorporate your style and requests within our performance. Of course specifics like first dances, parent dances, and processional songs are chosen specifically ahead of time with our collaboration and guidance. We are happy to learn new material for you as well if appropriate.

So no need to "over plan". Go with the flow, be spontaneous, react and let's make the party great!