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Dance Floor Size

One of the most common questions I receive Is what size our dance floor should be? Whether it's a wedding, corporate gala, or any type of event, having the correct dancing and partying area is always crucial. A common misconception here is "bigger is better"!

Having too large of a dance floor is often associated with your guests being intimidated to show themselves on the dance floor and start the party off. Think of it in terms of a "dance club". The darker more intimate areas and smaller spaces actually lend themselves to encourage people to get up and get moving.

If the dance floor is too big, fitting in too large of a room, your guests will be inhibited to get out there and often looks empty, no matter how the music or decor is. So don't stress about having enough space. If the music is killing it, and the atmosphere is just right, people will dance all over and let themselves go!